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About us

Hello! My name is Gulli Savakci. I am an entrepreneur and mother to Lily Rose, now 7 years old. For so many years, it was just me with a pair of scissors, working my magic as a hairdresser. It was so cool to be a hairdresser, to meet such different people, and to listen to their stories, become friends…Every client interaction gave me some insight and knowledge and helped shape my life – for those early clients, I am so grateful for this time. The birth of my daughter turned my world around, and upside down, as it does for so many parents. Something magical, something powerful, something one can only describe as a borderless and limitless universe of love opened from within my heart. Even though I was 30 years old and somewhat aware of parenthood, one can never truly be ready to understand what parenthood is really about. This miracle child – as all children are – was someone whom I wanted to give everything to, and by that I mean everything. In order to give your child everything, as a parent you start to research sites for information, you seek an education on things from organic to pedagogic to baby swimming classes and on and on…Yes – you know what I mean! What would you NOT do for your darling child.

But it was really when I started looking for beds, children’s furniture that I felt like that little extra touch of what I was looking for was not in existence. It was either too babyish or too pink or too blue! So I decided to start making childrens furniture according to my tastes and preferences. I took a course at IHM Business School. I started to draw, research manufacturerers, fabrics, materials, etc… This has been an amazing journey, both fun and challenging. In a few months, Cubelie by Rose was born. Cubelie by Rose’s mission is to provide parents with bespoke childrens furniture. Choose from a diverse assortment of fabrics, materials, buttons and type of wood. I hope that my ideas inspire you to create your dream room for your children.

Lots of love to all our children



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If you would like to have more detailed information regarding the production of our furnitures, please send us an email and we will tell you more about the materials that we are using and how the process works from your order until the furniture arrives to your home.


Please feel free to contact us Monday – Friday either by calling or texting us +46 73 757 56 02  You can also email us at info@cubeliebyrose.se or send us an private message at Instagram and we will happily help you.


We will soon open a showroom in the centre of Stockholm. At this moment we do only sell our products in our webshop.